Shoal Creek PreSchool


Your child will…

  • Gain confidence in a school environment by learning listening skills and following directions while gaining experience in areas such as vocabulary, letter recognition, math, number concepts, science, music and crafts. 
  • Learn from the model of Jesus about humility, kindness, sharing, forgiveness, patience, compassion and obedience. 
  • Experience encouragement in his/her successes and mistakes; love and acceptance as he/she is. Children will learn to like themselves as God created them so they can learn to love and accept others. 
  • Grow in his/her relationship with God by hearing from the Bible, by praying and by applying God’s truths to his/her life. Each child will learn to be truthful, accept others as God made them and treat others as he/she wants to be treated.

Our yearly curriculum includes:

  • Language & Reading Readiness
  • Number Exploration
  • Sensory Activities
  • Art & Creative Experiences
  • Music
  • Health & Safety
  • Special Events
  • Basic Bible Truths
  • Story Time
  • Science