Shoal Creek PreSchool

Your child will…

Gain confidence in a school environment by learning listening skills and following directions while gaining experience in areas such as vocabulary, letter recognition, math, number concepts, science, music, and crafts. 

Learn from the model of Jesus about humility, kindness, sharing, forgiveness, patience, compassion, and obedience. 

Experience encouragement in his/her successes and mistakes; love and acceptance as he/she is. Children will learn to like themselves as God created them so they can learn to love and accept others. 

Grow in his/her relationship with God by hearing from the Bible, praying, and by applying God’s truths to his/her life.

Each child will learn to be truthful, accept others as God made them, and treat others as he/she wants to be treated.

Our curriculum includes:

  • Language & Reading Readiness
  • Number Exploration
  • Sensory Activities
  • Art & Creative Experiences
  • Music
  • Health & Safety
  • Special Events
  • Basic Bible Truths
  • Story Time
  • Science